My husband passed away 2 years ago in April. He was waiting for a new heart. I still grieve…

The blackened nights stretch far beyond
The ever ceaseless universe,
Ebony dark but not so black
As is my poor tormented heart.

Suffocating, gasping, hell and
Heaven, hopeless,
Frozen time in moments,
Shattered mirror, broken life.

Let us slide into the past,
Make memories alive,
Reanimate, lets create
A frozen moment fiesta.

Drag me from this searing painful
Pit of nothingness,
Help me see again the light
Of life in your eyes.

Raise me from the dead,
A resurrection of the heart,
I have died a thousand times, I beg you,
Bring me back to life.

  1. Sending hugs. I can only imagine how hard it must be. Two years is nothing.

    • Thanks a million. I think I blocked it out till recently. It’s all been rushing back, all the memories x

  2. Oh, I am so sorry. Your write your pain beautifully. I hope you find comfort.

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