Longing II

Longing II

Shiny were we,
Floating in a dream
Of beautiful people.
Heads popping cloud,
Light as a helium feather.
love-rapt were we,
Swept away on
A tsunami
Of stellar magnitude.
Riding the waves,
surfers on a sea
Of sexual joy-games.
Intimate were we,
Burning with a
All ravenous and insatiated.
A last iconic supper,
Temptations sumptuous platter.
Yearning I am,
Curling into
Swallowed by the past.
Bubble not for bursting,
Not yet, not now.

  1. Mike said:

    Beautiful language choices give this piece a rich, lyrical air. The ecstatic mood and tone convey great passion and your use of metaphor is judicious. Very well done.

    • Thank you Mike, so glad you enjoyed my writing. I write from the heart and love painting with words.

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