The one and only time I ever tried magic mushrooms!!! Oh the follies of youth…

I remember that night,
That night the mushrooms
Of a magical persuasion
Slipped innocuously into
The mystical broth,
Ye olde vege soupe.
The buzz, the sheer naughtiness,
Too good for taboo,
Respectable parents,
So what would they think?
Sipping and slurping
That magical potion,
Tickling tonsils and
Trickling funny juiced
Funnybones. Working its
Way into stomachs,
Then blending its magical
Techno surprise.
Colours of splendid fine
Rainbows asparkling,
churning a whirling
Mad shapes, this craziness
Could be addictive,
So slip me more potion
So I can get lost
in that play gay ground
Inside my head.

  1. Mike said:

    Very good exposition of the senses in this fun piece. Well done.

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