An angel came to me last night,
Crept silently
Through skies so black
The moon and stars were lost
Amidst a sea of darkest ebony.

A touch upon my cheek,
A gentle warm caress,
So soft, a million feathers
Brushing, sweeping, floating,
Sweetest wings of gentleness.

My heart, a joyful vessel,
Touched, such tender passion,
Thousand glorious sunbeams
Radiant, jubilant heart,
Such sweetness,
Breathes the love of heaven.

My sweet most precious treasure
Purest heart of innocence,
A million dragons, jaws of fiery rage
All cowered rapt in mercy
Scorched and charred, no match
So powerful is the love I hold
For you, My son.

My pure, dear, tender man child,
Sweetest lips of sugared gossamer,
A thousand witches, ranting wildly, wicked,
Hellfire burning, chants a screeching,
Shrivelled, spellbound, cast beyond,
No match for full heart
Of a mothers love, my child.

My darling, dear heart youth,
Precious eyes of tourmaline,
A hundred monsters, ravenous and jawing
Clawing, flesh-hunt crawling,
Banished into kingdom come
By the fearsome hunger of
A mother’s love, my son.

My cherished, loving one,
Shimmering halo of iridescence,
A trillion kisses, a billion wishes
Of sweetness and sugar and candyfloss fluffiness,
Angels on cupcakes in clouds of marshmallow,
Here lies the story, the kingdom, the power,
A mothers love, my son.

I want to lose myself
I want to forget that I am.
I want nothing less
Than everything, always.

I want to be the ocean
I want to sink into oblivion
Like an innocuous anchor
Lunging towards the seabed.
I want to float in the sea of anonymity
Conspicuous yet no one.

I want to be the bubble
That amuses the baby
Then pops into non existence.
I want to fly, hurtling towards the sun
Like Icarus, to be consumed
By its fiery flares.

I want to crawl back under my stone,
Into that safe harbour of my past
And us, my love.
I want now-ness in yesterday
I want it back
I want us. Again.

I knew it was you, my love
from a place even deeper than
the tides of the oceans
of insane love
and lust.

I didn’t spy your face, my love
’twas veiled beneath a mask
of superficial happiness
yet forever emblazened
on a place beyond my eyes.

I couldn’t hear your words, my love
yet their gentle notes resounded
echoing like a child’s
bouncing on the breeze.

I couldn’t feel your
touch, my love
yet your eager fingers found their path
like the taste of
the last Turkish Delight
in the icing-sugared box.

I couldn’t smell your scent my love,
but knew its delicate fragrance
floating cross the ether
hints of subtle mystery,
of all manner of temptation.

Yes, I always knew it was you, my love
the adrenaline trail you left on my heart
beyond reasonable temptation
you were that
forbidden fruit
the tastiest apple on
the tree of life.


My son made a beautiful cake for Mother’s Day. I was choked with love …

My dear little heart
And a pink sprinkly cake,
Festooned with wild butterflies
Sparkly and glitzy, bedecked
In a million calories waiting to
Frolic on hips.

My dear little heart
Clutching his little cake
Relishing sweetness and frosting
A sprinkling of icing so much like
A sugar clad landscape
A tango on tongue.

My dear little heart
As proud as da Vinci
Latest creation delicious to savour
Created in mother love
Sweet Mona Lisa
Taste laden art to explore.

My darling child, my heart and soul,
You dream oh so sweetly,
Your breath soft and gentle
Swaddled in soft duvets
And blessed with unconditional love.
You light up my world
Like the brightest of fires,
You are that twinkling star,
The world’s brightest diamond.
Sleep hushly, little one,
Treasure your cocoon of love,
Your days of innocence.
Enjoy the adoration of your love-smitten mother,
Of days of laughter and frolicsome joy,
Of Lollipops and Chocolate mice
And teddy bears picnics.
Dance in the light of your highest dreams
Because you are so loved, little one,
So very treasured my beautiful son.
I – love – you.

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