spiritual poetry

An angel came to me last night,
Crept silently
Through skies so black
The moon and stars were lost
Amidst a sea of darkest ebony.

A touch upon my cheek,
A gentle warm caress,
So soft, a million feathers
Brushing, sweeping, floating,
Sweetest wings of gentleness.

My heart, a joyful vessel,
Touched, such tender passion,
Thousand glorious sunbeams
Radiant, jubilant heart,
Such sweetness,
Breathes the love of heaven.

My wonderful husband passed into spirit almost two years ago. It has been a challenging two years for all of us. This poem takes a different stance on death for it is written from the point of view of my husband in spirit …


The veil

I gaze beseechingly upon you my love,

With no mere mortal gaze, nor eyes no longer sapphire blue,

I see your tears cascade,

Deep oceans ebb in rhythm with

Your yearning heart so pure, so true.

I touch, so gently, reaching for that face forlorn,

With no mere mortal hand, nor fingers earthly tangible,

I feel your heart awash with grief,

The wind is wildly howling, singing of your heart so full.

I hear, so clearly, whispering back in gossamer tones,

With no mere mortal ears, nor strident voice of earthly throes,

I sing your sounds, I hear your pain,

My every word a delicate flower, a pure white rose.

I wait, tenderly, just beyond the veil, my dear,

With no mere mortal heart, only devoted soul,

My Love, the heart-told language in this other realm,

Communion, reunion, two eager hearts at last made whole.

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