Here I sit,

An empty vessel,


Like sodden dregs of coffee,

Moulded into

Human form.

Narcoleptic eyes,

In vacuous, dead expression,


Yet in monochrome,

A flat, insipid

Tableau of abjection.

Waiting for

A catalyst,

Sweet impetus,

To animate

This stagnant soul,

To live, again.

© Sarah Drury 2017

My sweet most precious treasure
Purest heart of innocence,
A million dragons, jaws of fiery rage
All cowered rapt in mercy
Scorched and charred, no match
So powerful is the love I hold
For you, My son.

My pure, dear, tender man child,
Sweetest lips of sugared gossamer,
A thousand witches, ranting wildly, wicked,
Hellfire burning, chants a screeching,
Shrivelled, spellbound, cast beyond,
No match for full heart
Of a mothers love, my child.

My darling, dear heart youth,
Precious eyes of tourmaline,
A hundred monsters, ravenous and jawing
Clawing, flesh-hunt crawling,
Banished into kingdom come
By the fearsome hunger of
A mother’s love, my son.

My cherished, loving one,
Shimmering halo of iridescence,
A trillion kisses, a billion wishes
Of sweetness and sugar and candyfloss fluffiness,
Angels on cupcakes in clouds of marshmallow,
Here lies the story, the kingdom, the power,
A mothers love, my son.

The one and only time I ever tried magic mushrooms!!! Oh the follies of youth…

I remember that night,
That night the mushrooms
Of a magical persuasion
Slipped innocuously into
The mystical broth,
Ye olde vege soupe.
The buzz, the sheer naughtiness,
Too good for taboo,
Respectable parents,
So what would they think?
Sipping and slurping
That magical potion,
Tickling tonsils and
Trickling funny juiced
Funnybones. Working its
Way into stomachs,
Then blending its magical
Techno surprise.
Colours of splendid fine
Rainbows asparkling,
churning a whirling
Mad shapes, this craziness
Could be addictive,
So slip me more potion
So I can get lost
in that play gay ground
Inside my head.

I was just that child,
That human thing so fragile,
Bud which shakes in fear
Of blooming into splendour,
Fearful of my light.

I was just that child,
All bottled up and strangled,
Optimism snuffed out like
Choked laughter, kill
That happy, happy joy.

I was just that child,
In corners cowering,
The hollowness of all my tears
Cascading into pools of
Just invisible, all nowhere.

I was just that child,
My dreams and fantasies
Paraded in a stream of
Vicious parody, stupidity,
Cheap dreams, ten a dime.

I was just that child,
That ray of hope within,
Refused to let the demons down me,
Crush me, rising from the ashes
Shining Phoenix child.

Longing II

Shiny were we,
Floating in a dream
Of beautiful people.
Heads popping cloud,
Light as a helium feather.
love-rapt were we,
Swept away on
A tsunami
Of stellar magnitude.
Riding the waves,
surfers on a sea
Of sexual joy-games.
Intimate were we,
Burning with a
All ravenous and insatiated.
A last iconic supper,
Temptations sumptuous platter.
Yearning I am,
Curling into
Swallowed by the past.
Bubble not for bursting,
Not yet, not now.

Domesticated? Me?
Go ask the cupboard full of brushes,
Potions, Gels, assorted
Evidence of good intentions.
Never was domestic goddess,
Flitting, blitzing, glitzing,
Waving wand of pristine rightness,
No perfect make up glamour puss.
Pay homage to the women who
Established self esteem upon
Crisp lines of pure white nappies,
Floating freshly on the gentle wind.
But they were bygone days of wifedom,
I, woman of now, no icon,
Sit, procrastinate a little,
Perhaps enjoy another coffee,
What’s the rush, I sigh.

My husband passed away 2 years ago in April. He was waiting for a new heart. I still grieve…

The blackened nights stretch far beyond
The ever ceaseless universe,
Ebony dark but not so black
As is my poor tormented heart.

Suffocating, gasping, hell and
Heaven, hopeless,
Frozen time in moments,
Shattered mirror, broken life.

Let us slide into the past,
Make memories alive,
Reanimate, lets create
A frozen moment fiesta.

Drag me from this searing painful
Pit of nothingness,
Help me see again the light
Of life in your eyes.

Raise me from the dead,
A resurrection of the heart,
I have died a thousand times, I beg you,
Bring me back to life.

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