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A bitter taste lingers in my mouth,

The taste of vile repulsion,

Years of shame, self-hatred,

Built on acts so irresponsible,

So impulsive, reckless,

No regard for any person

though each one is irrespective

in the throes of manic self-absorption.

It is there, like Midas’ gold,

Glinting in seduction,

Reaching out to grasp

my materialistically mesmerised

collapse of teetering sanity.

My only limitation being

The ability to limit

my recklessness,

To abandon the wisdom

 of abstention.

The creditors’ letters sit in a pile,

Like teachers waiting to scold

And perhaps to chastise,

with a whack of the punitive cane.

Every word burns a scar

Into my defeated, guilty self,

Etched upon my self esteem

Like a deep, raw, acrid wound.

And yet again,

My soul mourns its own stupidity.

© Sarah Louise Drury 2019


Here I sit,

An empty vessel,


Like sodden dregs of coffee,

Moulded into

Human form.

Narcoleptic eyes,

In vacuous, dead expression,


Yet in monochrome,

A flat, insipid

Tableau of abjection.

Waiting for

A catalyst,

Sweet impetus,

To animate

This stagnant soul,

To live, again.

© Sarah Drury 2017

Tonight, in the uk, it’s comic relief, when the nations greatest comics raise millions for charities around the globe. At this time in the uk, many charities are struggling with funding after the government cut its financial support.

My heart goes out to those in need.

Spare a tenner, mister,
Mister spare a tenner,
I ain’t got no home, mister
No food in me tum, mister,
Freezing cold n glum mister,
Mister spare a tenner.

Spare some coppers, mrs;
Mrs, spare some coppers.
Me kids are starving hungry, mrs,
Shabby all in rags, mrs,
Living out of bags, mrs,
Mrs spare some coppers.

Spare some change, sir
Sir, spare some change.
I just got off the drugs, sir,
Am sleeping on the streets, sir
No money for treats, sir
Sir spare some change.

Spare a kind thought, lady,
Lady spare a thought.
I have to sell my body, lady
Just for my next meal, lady
It’s really no big deal, lady
Lady spare a thought.

Spare us all compassion, people
People spare compassion
Count your tiny blessings, people,
Help those who are broken, people,
Let your hearts be open, people,
People spare compassion.

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